Postal worker achieves another milestone

By Hayli Fisher

Leicester – Rex Cole started his years with the Leicester Post Office at a young age. He started when he was right out of high school. He worked alongside his dad and wanted to make a career of working for the post office.

On Tuesday, January 28, Clara Deaver, the United States Post Office Manager, visited the post office in Leicester to present Rex Cole with a 30-year service award. Previously, Rex was awarded the Million Mile Award for 30 years of safe driving.

Rex said, “that over 30 years ago, I never envisioned myself reaching this point. It was just a good job and a great place to work and I just stuck with it.” His favorite part of working for the post office is his co-workers and his customers. He has the opportunity of meeting a lot of good people. Cole stated that he is eligible for retirement in less than two years but isn’t sure if he will retire or not. He has worked full-time for 30 years, but his total, including after high school, is around 37 years.

Pete Maness, the postmaster for the Leicester Post Office, said Cole was the first person at the Leicester post office to ever receive the Million Mile Award and work 30 years for the postal service since he’s been postmaster at Leicester.

Maness mentioned that Rex’s dad could have possibly been awarded both of these awards as well but isn’t sure. “The million-mile award that Rex received means that he has driven over a million miles or has 30 years without an accident.”

Maness describes Cole as the best of the best. “The guy is great! In my 30 years, I have never received a piece of mis-delivered mail.” Cole had the pleasure of working with his dad up until his passing and says,“One of the things I’m most grateful for and thankful for is that I got to spend a lot of those years working with my Dad.”


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