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Two arrested in Dark Cove Road shooting


By Chad Nesbitt

At approximately 9:45 am February 15th, Buncombe County Sheriff deputies were called to a home on Dark Cove Road in the Newfound area of Leicester.

BCSD media relations person Aaron Sarver said, “No injuries to report. This appears to be an isolated incident. Investigation on scene is ongoing.” Sarver said, “There is not a suspect at large, there is no safety threat to the larger community.”

The Buncombe County Sheriff’s Department would not say what the address of the home was or any more details.

Witnesses that live on the road, but want to remain anonymous, tell the LL there were 10 to 15 deputy cars at the scene. One witness said, “This guy shot up a truck about half way up the road.” Asked if they knew who it was another witness said, “Everybody knows.”

Later that day, deputies arrested Nicholas Joseph Bell, 31 years of age, of 24 Dark Cove Rd. Warrants say Bell was arrested for discharging a weapon into occupied property and assault with a deadly weapon.

Also arrested was Dakota Roy Pressley, 24 years of age, of 28 Dark Cove Road. Warrants say Pressley was arrested for numerous drug charges.

One witness who wants to remain anonymous said that shots hit a nearby trailer “where people were sleeping.” Indeed, a post of the Leader’s Facebook from a woman claiming, “ I have bullet holes in my house. Nobody wants to hear what I have to say right? This is bull****”


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