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Asheville – Tea anyone? On February 2-3, 2019, the International Tea Master’s Association (ITMA) will be conducting its ITMA Certified Tea Sommelier Training at the Renaissance Asheville Hotel in downtown Asheville, NC, led by ITMA Certified Tea Master Frankee Muller of Oriental, NC. The two-day onsite training will be followed by 8 weeks of home study, a blind tea tasting, a dissertation and final exam after which the students will earn the prestigious designation of ITMA Certified Tea Sommelier.

The tea culture in the United States is growing in leaps and bounds. Today’s tea drinkers are no longer content to be served mediocre tea. Good quality whole leaf tea is readily available and restaurants and hotels across the country are not only starting to serve fine tea on a daily basis. They are also planning events around tea. Pairing tea with food and afternoon tea have become popular events at hotels and restaurants. Articles about this new trend have recently appeared in the New York Times and NPR.

So, how does a dining establishment or hotel embark on a tea crusade? It begins by management taking a stand on acquiring knowledge and expertise. Many tea shops offer workshops and seminars however for a restauranteur or hotelier wanting to introduce a serious, professional tea service to their establishment the International Tea Masters Association offers their ITMA Certified Tea Sommelier and ITMA Certified Tea Masters courses.

Recognized throughout the world, the non-profit International Tea Masters Association, with its worldwide training locations, is acknowledged as the Gold Standard in tea education. It was founded ten years ago in San Diego, California, to provide mastery level education, training, and certification to aspiring tea sommeliers and tea masters. Its superior faculty and outstanding curriculum are unmatched in the entire tea industry.

Further information about this and other training courses can be found at the ITMA website.


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