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Agents Raid Home At High Vista Golf Course

By Chad Nesbitt

Editor’s note: Wanda Greene’s attorney, Thomas Amburgey, contacted the Leader after the article appeared and said, “My client has never lived in that house and has no association with Mr. Edney.” Asked if she had ever lived in the High Vista subdivision? Amburgey said, “I can’t answer to that.” Read additional follow-up article.

Henderson County – The Henderson County Sheriffs Department and a number of anonymous sources tell the Leader that federal and state agents raided a home yesterday morning at the High Vista Golf Course believed to be where former Buncombe County Manager Wanda Greene was once staying.

Former Buncombe County Manager Wanda Green

Witnesses say the raid took place at 59 Fairway Falls Rd at approximately 8 am. Henderson County tax records show the home is owned by William David Price. As of the posting of this report, the Leader has been unsuccessful in reaching Price for comment.

Henderson County Sheriff Department’s Major Frank Stout said, “The Henderson County Sheriff’s Department did assist with the raid by having one unmarked vehicle at the entrance of the road.” Major Stout said, “The raid was conducted by the IRS and the State Bureau of Investigation. The Henderson County Sheriff’s Department does not know the reason for the raid.”

One source, who is an employee of the High Vista Golf Club but wished to remain anonymous, tells the Leader former Buncombe County Manager Wanda Greene and two men had been living in the said home. Asked how the source knows that? The source said, “Because one of the guys who lives there plays here. He told me.”

A second source who wanted to remain unidentified is an employee of a neighbor near the raided home. The source said, “There were six or seven unmarked vehicles (late in the morning) when I drove by, and they were carrying things out of there.” This source said it was Federal agents. When asked how they knew that, the sources said, “Because two of them had shirts that said FBI.” The person also said, “The unmarked vehicles had Tennessee tags.” Asked if they knew who lived there? The source said, “Wanda Greene used to live there.” Asked if anybody else lived in the house, the source said, “I just know one of them plays golf, but I don’t know his name.”

A third source who is a government employee and also asked to remain anonymous said, “This is the same home Wanda Greene said she was staying at a year ago, but when the FBI questioned the owners of the home (one year ago), they told the Feds they did not know her and she never lived there.” The person said, “We heard Monday the Feds were back in town. Now we know why.”

Yet another anonymous witness, who is a neighbor, said, “We thought there must have been a murder or something because it looked liked a SWAT team was here.”

On August 7th, 2018, former Buncombe County Managers Greene, Mandy Stone, and Assistant County Manager Jon Creighton were charged with fraud, aiding and abetting, conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States, and receipt of bribes and kickbacks. Federal prosecutors said it was part of the scheme and effort to defraud Buncombe County residents. Prosecutors say the three received gifts and other things of value from a county contract, consisting primarily of expense-paid pleasure trips.

Greene, Stone, and Creighton are awaiting sentencing and the Western North Carolina Federal Prosecutor’s Office says the Greene case remains under investigation.

Two law enforcement sources tell the Leader that Wanda Greene currently lives in Haywood County and is possibly wearing an ankle monitor. The officer said, “She, (Wanda Greene) has family in Haywood County. The feds will want to know her every move before her sentencing trial. They more than likely have a GPS monitor on her ankle.” The officer said, “I highly doubt she was in High Vista. If this, (the raid), has anything to do with Wanda Greene, it’s because of something she stored there.”


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