Avoid these 5 Mistakes When Growing Avocado Trees from Seeds

If you're a fan of tropical greenery, then growing your own avocado tree from a pit can be a rewarding experience. However, sometimes it doesn't quite go as planned, and nothing seems to grow. In this article, we will explore the possible reasons for this and provide some helpful to increase your chances of success.

Mistake 1: Planting the avocado pit upside down

One common mistake when planting avocados is placing the pit upside down in the jar or planting it in the soil. It's important to ensure that the correct side of the seed is facing upwards. The avocado pit has an upper side from which the shoot will emerge, and a lower side from which the roots will grow. If it's planted upside down, it won't work. The top part of the pit should always protrude from the surface of the soil or water. If the seed is oval-shaped, the pointed side should be directed upwards and the blunt side downwards. For oval or round pits, the lower side can be identified by a navel-like bump. Additionally, make sure that the lower side extends about one-third into the water or is surrounded by substrate, and place the avocado in a bright and warm location to encourage germination.

Mistake 2: Not monitoring the water level

Moisture is crucial for avocado pit germination. Dryness prevents the seed from swelling and germinating. It's important to regularly monitor the water level and refill the container so that the pit is always in contact with the water. Ideally, change the water completely every two or three days. Once the pit has sprouted with leaves and strong roots, carefully plant it in a flowerpot with potting soil, making sure that only the roots are below the surface. If you're growing the avocado in soil from the start, ensure sufficient moisture by lightly watering the soil after planting and regularly spraying it with water. However, be cautious to avoid water stagnation and the formation of mold in the pot.

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Mistake 3: Inserting the pit too deeply with a toothpick

For those using the water glass method, it's important not to submerge the avocado pits completely. Toothpicks are often used as support to hang the seeds one-third in the water. However, inserting the toothpicks too deeply can damage the pit and prevent germination. It also increases the risk of germs entering or the seed starting to rot. To avoid this, do not insert the toothpicks more than five millimeters into the avocado pit. Alternatively, you can use a special vase or container with a narrower opening that doesn't require toothpicks.

Growing your own avocado tree from a pit can be a fun and rewarding experience. By avoiding these common mistakes and following the right watering and planting techniques, you can increase your chances of successfully growing an avocado tree right at home. Soon enough, you'll have your own source of delicious avocados!

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