Cawthorn takes 11th Congressional seat

WNC – Hendersonville native Madison Cawthorn claimed victory Tuesday night to the 11th Congressional seat over his challenger Moe Davis. With 100 percent of the precincts reporting, Cawthorn won handily with 243,898or 54.52% of the vote over Davis’ 189,516 or 42.36% of the vote.
In a release, Cawthorn said, “Tonight, the voters of Western North Carolina chose to stand for freedom and a new generation of leadership in Washington.
“When I look at Western North Carolina, I don’t see a purple district. I see red, white and blue,” Cawthorn continued. “I see a proud, kind, decent and welcoming people who love our founding principles and are determined to make our imperfect union more perfect. I’m humbled and honored to bring these mountain values to Congress.
“To my fellow Republicans I say this: We don’t just need a bigger tent. We need a brighter and bolder tent. We need a tent that attracts Americans with real solutions and a tent that produces principled fighters who will be fearless in the face of tyranny.”
He went on to say, “This election showed that we’re a divided people. Americans are hungry for leadership that appeals to our highest aspirations and that’s precisely what I intend to do. My generation feels an intense sense of urgency on issues like health care, the environment and our unsustainable debt. We need real answers and real solutions, not politically safe or politically correct half-measures that keep career politicians in power but leave the country paralyzed.
“This isn’t a time to settle scores but to secure the future. Rather than tearing each other down, we need to lift each other up. The scope and magnitude of our challenges are too great to tolerate a dysfunctional status quo. The fight ahead isn’t against individuals – our fellow Americans – but destructive ideas that should stay in the ash heap of history,” Cawthorn said.
In a concession press release, Davis’ said, “I’m grateful to over 1,000 volunteers who worked tirelessly to help me try to bring better days to Western North Carolina. I’ll be forever grateful for their support. But the voters have spoken and while I’m disappointed, I respect their decision.
“We live in a divided America and a divided Western North Carolina. It is now up to those elected to find a way to heal the divisions, seek common ground and work together to reduce poverty, increase access to healthcare and protect our precious environment. There is a lot of work to do. We are here to help,” he said.


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