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Church celebrates homecoming

By Lance Hickey

Leicester – Over the past year and a half we have covered churches across Northern Buncombe and Madison counties in our ongoing series, “Where We Worship.” We have uncovered current and historical information of local churches and the impact they make in the community.

From satellite churches in their infancy to churches that have impacted the area for more than a century, local church communities continue their work to leave a mark on our community. Georgetown Baptist Church in Leicester is no exception and serves as the host church for our Where We Worship series this week.

Founded on September 11, 1948, Georgetown Baptist Church has served the Leicester community for 71 years. I had the opportunity to attend a service on September 8. It was “Homecoming” as the congregation celebrated its seventy-first birthday. Service began at 11 as parishioners filled each pew around the worship center.

As service began the congregation sang the first musical hymn of the day. As they finished, church choir members emphatically walked towards the stage to sing two hymns and followed by heading back to their seats.
The church then sang “An Old Account Settled” as service transitioned into a time designated for an offering and giving.

As service continued, a time for soloists to perform, I began to glance at the setting around the sanctuary. A wooden cross hung on a backwall center stage. Two wreaths in Fall attire hung on opposite ends of the stage. Green padded pews filled the expansive room.

A soloist finished the time designated for music and singing with a contemporary song titled “Glorious Day” by contemporary Christian music band Casting Crowns before a guest speaker stepped forward to deliver the Sunday morning message.

Parishioners stood for the reading of the Bible as Pastor Larry Wells read aloud to the congregation. Wells, a guest speaker from Forest City, Tennessee, and currently an evangelist who has preached for more than 50 years, spoke passionately to the audience. He finished with a final prayer before service was dismissed.

Service at Georgetown Baptist Church proved to be traditional. The congregation, though, boasted members of all ages. The church also uses a signer or what some call an interpreter for deaf parishioners during the service, a unique service the congregation offers the community.

Jacob Ellege currently serves as pastor of Georgetown Baptist Church and has led the congregation for three years. He is married to wife, Amanda, and the couple has six children.

The church sits just off of Newfound Road on Dix Creek #2 and offers a location accessible for people from Leicester to Canton. With its history and goal to help Leicester as a community, look for Georgetown Baptist Church to continue its initiatives in helping bring hope and unity to the community.


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