Church serves Thanksgiving meals

By Chad Nesbitt

Leicester – It was the meaning of Thanksgiving as Newfound Baptist Church fed over a hundred people for Thanksgiving on Thursday (Nov. 22).

Church member Kyle Karver said, “A lot of people in our community have family that is out of town and they are lonely. This gives them the opportunity to come be with friends for Thanksgiving.”

Member Judy Whitlock said, “We have 70 pounds of turkey and 40 pounds of ham. We just pick that number out of the air so we would know we would cover everybody.” With more than half a pound of turkey and more than a third of pound of ham for everyone, that pick was a good one to insure that no-one went away hungry.

One person the Leader interviewed in the parking lot did not want their name mentioned but said, “I heard about this on Facebook. I’m grateful that this church did this. I don’t have anybody in my family anymore. Everybody has passed on. I work the night shift so I really don’t have any friends because I sleep during the day.”

Asked if he made friends today? He said, “Yes. I saw a couple of people I haven’t seen in a few years and it was good to see them. The food sure was good.” The event was filling for the body and for the soul.


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