Community getting third store…Costco coming?

By Chad Nesbitt

Leicester – Another Dollar General is coming to Leicester making it the third Dollar General store within five miles of the other two. The new store will be located at the corner of Dix Creek Chapel Road and New Leicester Highway.

Janice Webb lives directly behind where the new store is being built. Webb said, “I have a lot of concerns, due to traffic, noise, and we are very private people.” Webb explained that people will be able to see her home and that she has dogs that she is concerned people will try and get close to. “The yard is now fenced in, and I put beware signs up just to be on the safe side. Definitely, don’t want to sell, but I’m not sure how the summers are going to be in the back yard,” Webb said. “We do have a lot of family functions.”

A contractor, who did not want his name mentioned, said, “According to these plans a wall will be built behind the Dollar General so the neighbors won’t see the back of the building and it will give them privacy.” Asked if the Dollar General was going to be a “Market Dollar General,” a small grocery store, the contractor said, “No. The building is too small for that.”


As more and more people continue to move to the Leicester area retail stores are taking notice.

North Carolina State Representative Brian Turner who is also a realtor said, “I think there is a lot of good opportunity for commercial development out that way, but it will be limited further out due to the lack of water and sewer.” Water and sewer end at the intersection of Dix Creek Chapel Road, Newfound Road, and New Leicester Highway.

Leicester resident Sid Gillespie said, “We just moved out here because we couldn’t afford the rent in Asheville.” Gillespie said, “My wife and I looked at buying a home in Asheville, but we are not paying $275,000 for 1,000 square feet of living space.”


Everyone is hearing rumors of a Costco coming to Leicester, but is the area large enough to support a Costco store? NCDOT official David Uchiyama said, “South of Leila Lane, in 2017, the count was 21,000 cars a day.” Leila Lane is off of New Leicester Hwy just before Jim West and Sons Auto Recycling.

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