Don’t Skip This: Clean Your Airpods in 5 Easy Steps

Properly Cleaning Your Headphones: A Guide to Maintaining Hygiene

Listening to music while doing household chores, listening to a podcast while shopping, or following an audiobook while on a train journey. Airpods or other in-ear headphones accompany us in our daily lives. Therefore, it is important to clean them regularly to prevent the accumulation of lint or earwax. Here is how to properly clean your headphones.

The Importance of Regular Cleaning

Whether you use Apple Airpods or other headphones, it is essential to clean them regularly to maintain . Over time, dirt accumulates on and inside the headphones, creating an unhygienic environment. The headphones come into contact with earwax or lint, which can get stuck and affect the sound quality. To ensure optimal performance and cleanliness, Airpods should be cleaned at least every two weeks. However, caution must be taken as most of these headphones are not waterproof, and moisture can damage the internal technology if allowed to enter the openings.

Achieving Lint-Free Airpods

To remove lint and dirt that accumulate in the fine speaker grille inside the Airpods or other in-ear headphones, it is recommended to use a small brush. Ensure that the brush is clean and dry to prevent further accumulation of lint. Gently brush off the lint from the speaker grille. Alternatively, you can use a cotton swab and gently run it over the grille in circular motions. If significant dirt has already accumulated, a toothpick can be used to scrape it off. However, caution must be exercised to avoid damaging the headphones.

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Cleaning the Ear Tips

If your headphones have detachable ear , it is important to clean them as well. Remove the ear tips and rinse them under running water without using soap or any product. After rinsing, wipe the ear tips with a soft, lint-free cloth. To ensure complete dryness, pat the ear tips on the cloth with the opening facing downwards. Once dry, carefully place them back onto the Airpods.

Cleaning the Exterior of the Headphones

Cleaning the mesh inside the headphones is not sufficient; the exterior of the headphones, including the case, also needs to be cleaned. Since Airpods are often handled or placed on surfaces that may not be entirely clean, it is recommended to clean them with alcohol. Use isopropyl alcohol, also known as cleaning alcohol, on a cloth, such as a microfiber cloth, and wipe the headphones with it. Take care not to make the cloth too wet to prevent the headphones from coming into contact with excessive water. Additionally, if you wear your Airpods while exercising and sweat has accumulated, it is advisable to always wipe them afterward with a microfiber cloth.

Cleaning the Charging Case

Regularly cleaning the charging case is equally important. A microfiber cloth is ideal for this purpose. If stubborn dirt has formed, it is recommended to clean the charging case with 70% isopropyl alcohol, which has an antibacterial effect. Pay attention to the joints and cracks to prevent liquid from entering the case. After cleaning, let the case dry by placing it open and upside down on a table.

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Removing Lint from the Case

If lint has accumulated in the case, you can once again use the brush or cotton swabs to quickly remove it. This will help to maintain a clean and efficient storage space for your headphones.

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