Easily Clean Your Thermos with This Secret Method


The thermos is a convenient tool for travel, but it can be quite challenging. Many thermos designs are narrow and not -safe, making it difficult to effectively clean them with a sponge or cloth. However, there are several and that can help you clean your thermos easily and efficiently. In this article, we will explore different methods for cleaning thermoses with glass inserts or coatings, as well as stainless steel thermos.

Cleaning a Thermos with a Glass Insert or Coating

Thermoses with glass inserts or coatings are excellent for heat insulation, but they require special care during cleaning to avoid damage. The glass insert is prone to breaking or scratching, while the coating can be fragile. Here are some that can help protect the glass insert and coating:


Lemon juice is known for its ability to combat limescale and odors. To clean a thermos with a glass insert or coating, simply squeeze a lemon into the pot, pour hot water, and let it steep for about 15 minutes. The acidity of the lemon removes and dirt, leaving a pleasant scent behind.


Potato starch can work wonders when it comes to cleaning. Cut a potato into small pieces and add hot water to the thermos. Let it rest overnight with the lid closed. The potato starch will help loosen any dirt or grime, making it easier to clean the thermos the next day.

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Denture cleaner:

Did you know that denture cleaner can be used to clean more than just false teeth? It can also help keep your thermos clean. Pour some denture cleaner into the insulated carafe with the glass insert or coating, and let it work its magic for about an hour with the lid closed. This home remedy is an effective way to remove stains and maintain the cleanliness of your thermos.

Regardless of the homemade product you choose to clean your thermos, it's important to rinse it thoroughly with hot water and a little dish soap afterward. This will ensure that the coating or glass insert is gleamingly clean again.

Cleaning a Stainless Steel Thermos

A stainless steel water bottle is relatively easy to maintain and can be cleaned using similar homemade remedies as those used for thermoses with glass inserts or coatings. Here are some methods you can try:

Lemon and Potato:

Just like with glass insert thermoses, you can use lemon and potato to clean a stainless steel thermos. Simply follow the same steps as mentioned earlier, cutting the potato into small pieces and adding hot water to the thermos. Let it rest overnight with the lid closed to allow for effective cleaning.

Baking Powder, Baking Soda, Salt, or Vinegar:

If you prefer to use other homemade remedies, options like baking powder, , , or can be effective in cleaning a stainless steel thermos. Mix one packet of baking powder or baking soda, two teaspoons of salt, or one tablespoon of vinegar with hot water in the thermos. Close the lid and shake the solution several times before letting it rest overnight. These ingredients work well to remove stains and odors.

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It's important to note that homemade remedies like baking soda, sodium bicarbonate, salt, or vinegar should not be used to clean thermos bottles with glass inserts or coatings. These materials can potentially damage the glass or coating, so it's best to stick to the lemon, potato, or denture cleaner methods discussed earlier for such thermoses.

In conclusion, cleaning a thermos can be made easier with these simple and effective homemade remedies. Whether you have a thermos with a glass insert, coating, or stainless steel construction, there are various methods to ensure its cleanliness and longevity. By using these tips, your thermos will stay clean and ready to keep your beverages at the perfect temperature for your next adventure.

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