Erwin edges out Asheville in both games

By Benjamin Cohn

Asheville – Erwin Warriors won both their varsity basketball games at Asheville High School on Friday. The girls won 67-48 and the boys won 70-64.

Erwin girls won the tipoff at the outset of their basketball game, but a tough defense and well-matched offense kept the score tied with zero points scored until the second period. A few minutes into the second period of play, Erwin offense made their first score of the game with a two-point field goal.

Several more Erwin goals would go unanswered until, near the end of the first half, Asheville offense finally put some points on the board with a few field goals of their own. At halftime, the visiting Warriors were up by nine, the score 25-16.

Erwin started the third period with possession of the ball but were unable to score. Another scoreless period expired as Friday’s game drew to a close. In the night’s final period, an Erwin player made her first three-pointer, bringing their lead to 12, the score 28-16.

Several tense minutes elapsed as Asheville High players tried valiantly to even the score. 42 unanswered Erwin points were followed by 32 unanswered Asheville points, but the Cougars’ final push came up short. Erwin girls came out on top of their Asheville rivals in the end, the final score 67-48.

Erwin boys had a great night Friday, too, when they won a close, well-fought battle against their Asheville counterparts. No scoreless periods were had by either team in the boys’ matchup, with the game staying close right up until the end.

The first period ended with a score of 13-12 in favor of Erwin. Tight defense limited Cougar gains to only ten points in the second period, while Erwin players managed to score 21 points of their own. At halftime, Erwin led 34-22.

The night’s third period was just as intense and combative as the first, each team scrambling to squeak in as many points as possible. Asheville’s offense stepped up their game a bit, scoring eight times on Warrior defense. Adding only 13 points to Erwin’s score enabled them to retain their slim lead over the Cougars, the third period ending with the score 47-38.

Friday night’s final period of play was frantic, each team scoring more than they had previously all game. Twenty-three points for Erwin and 26 for the hosting Cougars left the final score 70-64 in favor of the visiting Warriors.

As of Friday night’s games, the girls are ranked second in the MAC behind AC Reynolds and the boys are ranked 4th in the conference. Read the complete account of Friday night in the Leicester Leader out Thursday.


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