Erwin eviscerates Enka

By Benjamin Cohn

Candler – The visiting Warriors rained their wrath upon their rivals, the hosting Jets, Friday night when Erwin senior Rashod Chaffin (#20) rushed for a season-high 237 yards against the Jets defense, scoring four times for 24 points and, in the end, adding to the 49-7 Warrior victory.

Friday’s game began as Erwin received the night’s first kickoff. Confident ball-running culminated in Chaffin rushing 12 yards for his first touchdown of the evening. Erwin’s kicker, freshman Fernando Marin, performed when called upon for the point after attempt (PAT).

Immediately upon turnover of downs, a perforated defensive line allowed Enka to return Erwin’s kickoff for a touchdown, their PAT tying the game at 7-7.

The second quarter of play saw four Erwin touchdowns for a total of 28 points. Quarterback Kendrick Weaver (#2) was vital to three of those touchdowns. Weaver rushed for his first touchdown, the PAT elevating Erwin’s score to 14.

Weaver then threw a 41-yard completion to Jed Dorsey (#3) for another touchdown, the score 21-7. Chaffin followed up with a 15-yard rushing touchdown of his own. Weaver capped off the first half of play when he found Dorsey again, throwing 5 yards for a touchdown. Every PAT, all kicked by Marin, was successful.

Quarter three commenced with Erwin kicking off to Enka. As the home team did nearly every possession on Friday, Enka went three and out before turning the ball over to the visiting Warriors. Chaffin rushed again, this time for nearly 50 yards, before scoring the quarter’s only touchdown. Marin’s PAT was successful.

The final quarter of play in Friday’s conference game went as badly for Enka as did the previous three. On their first possession, Erwin High’s Rashod Chaffin rushed again for a touchdown, Marin’s kick finalizing the score at 49-7.

Enka High School has lost every game so far in the 2018-2019 season. Their worst defeat came at the hands of A.C. Reynolds – the only team to defeat Erwin High this year – when Reynolds’ offense scored nearly 60 points. Enka’s next game is November 2 at North Henderson High School.

Friday’s win puts Erwin’s win streak at five consecutive weeks and has them in 5-1 in the conference where they are second behind Reynolds. Their next game is on November 2nd at Tuscola High School in Waynesville, NC.


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