Erwin Middle builds relationships through clubs

By Tim Reaves

EMS – Club Day offers tons of exciting, hands-on opportunities to build community and find new interests at Clyde A. Erwin Middle School.
On early dismissal days, students end the school day by building relationships with each other and with teachers around non-academic interests – from gardening to music to sneakers.

“Club time is particularly valuable for students, because it allows them time to enjoy a safe, interesting, fun environment as well as allowing them to simply be kids and not worry about the outside world,” said Erwin Middle Assistant Principal Andrea Britt.

In Ms. Rachel Reaves’s seventh grade English language arts classroom, members of the Eco Warriors club enjoyed getting their hands dirty while dividing and repotting plants during the Feb. 19 Club Day.

“For many students, club time gives them opportunities to experience new things they would otherwise never get a chance to do,” she said. “They can broaden their knowledge and create new friendships while doing something completely new.”

Eighth-grade math teacher Don Ingle, who leads the Jeopardy Club, said Club Day lets students and teachers unwind and recharge.
“Seeing the excitement on the kids’ faces when we have clubs is great,” he said. “There are so many cool clubs that I would LOVE to be a part of (cooking, coloring, movie/history of film, etc.). If I were a student it would be awesome to take advantage of these opportunities!”


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