Erwin staff pick their choice for Teacher of the Year

By Chad Nesbitt

EHS – Nominations for Teacher Of The Year we’re given to the Buncombe County School’s Central Office this week and staff at Clyde A Erwin say their pick is Tiffany Wooten.

Wooten is a 10th grade English teacher at Erwin High School and she has been an English teacher in the Erwin District since 2010. School Secretary Donna Meadows said, “Tiffany is fantastic. Everyone in the school loves her.”

According to Erwin’s website, Wooten graduated from Central Piedmont Community College in 2007 with an Associate in Arts degree. After completing a two-year degree, she transferred to The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree. Tiffany majored in English, and minored in both African Studies and Secondary Education.

Wooten said on the school’s website, “I love my job, and enriching the lives of my students brings me so much joy. I try to make my classroom as fun and inviting as possible, so that my students feel like it is a second home.”

Last year, the teacher of the year was chosen in September. It has not been announced when this year’s teacher of the year award will be given.


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