Erwin student becomes first TIP teen

By Hayli Fisher

Leicester – The Trauma Intervention Program (TIP) of WNC is a crisis team of specially trained volunteers who respond through the 911 system to provide immediate emotional and practical support during traumatic life. They react to events in Buncombe County and the City of Hendersonville,” says their website.

Beth Solesby, a 14-year-old Erwin High student, was recently chosen to be the program’s first teen member. Beth said about the program, “For me, it’s really helped me understand how other people go through really tough situations and how I can try to help instead of trying to solve the problem. I can just care for them.”

According to TIP’s website, “A TIP volunteer is a specially trained citizen that is called to a scene by emergency services personnel. The TIP volunteer responds within minutes and after a quick briefing, will provide immediate and temporary support until the persons involved in the crisis are able to depend on family members, friends, neighbors, or others.

“Without the TIP volunteer present, survivors of a tragedy may be left to fend for themselves at a time when they are emotionally traumatized, and least capable of thinking clearly or rationally.” Training involves a 55-hour training academy before volunteers go on at least three on-call 12-hour shifts a month.

Beth (center) with mom, Brandy Langston (left) receiving the certificate from TIP representative.

Brandy Langston, Beth’s mom is proud of her daughter’s accomplishment. “I’m super proud of her.” Langston got involved with the program after she noticed an ad a few years back in the newspaper. She enrolled for a class the program was offering. “We are always in need of volunteers,” Langston added. Visit to find out more or to sign up to be a volunteer.


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