ESPN Broadcaster Dick Vitale Diagnosed with Vocal Cord Cancer: ‘I Plan to Fight like Hell’

Renowned ESPN broadcaster Dick Vitale has shared the heartbreaking news of being diagnosed with vocal cord cancer. This is the third time in two years that he is facing this devastating disease, after receiving treatment for melanoma and being diagnosed with lymphoma in the past. Although the talented announcer was declared cancer-free last year, doctors recently recommended vocal cord surgery due to the reemergence of previous complications.

“After undergoing tests, they discovered that I have vocal cord cancer, and I will require six weeks of radiation treatment,” Vitale announced at age 84 on Twitter. “Dr. Steven Zeitels assures me that the cure rate for this cancer is extremely high and that radiation, rather than surgery, is the most effective approach.”

Despite the impact on his signature voice and the challenges that the cancer diagnosis brings, Vitale remains unwavering in his commitment to be prepared for the upcoming college basketball season, which will mark his remarkable 45th year as a commentator for ESPN.

“I am determined to fight with all my might to be ready to provide commentary when the college hoops season kicks off in the Fall,” he wrote. “Just as I defeated melanoma and lymphoma, I am confident in my ability to triumph over this battle.”

This health update from Vitale coincides with the 2023 ESPY Awards, where he received the 2022 Jimmy V Award for Perseverance for his unwavering resilience in the face of cancer. It was a poignant reminder of the disease that claimed the life of his dear friend Jim Valvano in 1993.

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“At this time last year, I stood on the ESPYs stage, urging everyone to join the fight against cancer,” Vitale reflected. “This dreadful illness affects numerous individuals we hold dear, and it has now knocked on my door three times. Continued research will undoubtedly contribute to the progress in our battle against cancer.”

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