EXCLUSIVE – Duncan Changes Political Party Affiliation

"I do not identify with the Democrat Party anymore" - Van Duncan

By Chad Nesbitt

In an exclusive phone conversation, this afternoon with the Tribune/Leader Buncombe County Sheriff Van Duncan confirms he has changed his political party affiliation from Democrat to Unaffiliated.

Sheriff Van Duncan said, “I changed, (party affiliation), today. I am concerned in the direction I see the Democrat party going. Some of the comments made by the leadership, including former US Attorney General Eric Holder. Then, of course, the Hillary thing but it didn’t bother me as much because I don’t pay much attention to her because she has never really been a leader in the party but I do think Eric Holder is.”

Van Duncan said, “For Eric Holder to say, “Go and kick them”, kind of thing I think that just exacerbates everything going on. I just don’t like that. I just don’t go with that.”

Van Duncan said, “I don’t identify with the Democrat Party anymore. It’s anti-law enforcement, progressive socialist thing is just not my thing.”



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