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FulFlow Yoga ushers in personal growth & healing experiences for community

By Lauren Hooks

Leicester – A new yoga studio has opened on New Leicester Highway. For owner Chasity Burleson this is her first yoga studio. Burleson is a general education teacher at West Buncombe Elementary and is currently in school to receive a degree in Integrated Education, which will allow her to teach inclusion classes of special education and general education. Yet, in her busy schedule, she says that yoga has been an integral part of her life.

Burleson initially only participated in yoga for the physical benefits, strength training, stretching, and breathing. However, nine years ago, her father passed away. She was in a yoga class when she began to sob and release the feelings that she had been holding in. At that moment, Burleson knew yoga was so much more than a physical exercise, but also a way to heal and deal with the everyday stresses of life. Four years later, she decided to be a yoga teacher. She said, “Yoga had been such a gift to me. I wanted to share that with other people.” She received a scholarship from Asheville Community Yoga and has now been a yoga teacher for five years. She commented that “it was the best decision ever for me.”

Burleson draws inspiration for her classes from Hatata, a form of yoga. She also teaches a course called “Playful” at Franny’s yoga, in which students are surrounded by goats, known as “goat yoga.” She is still teaching at Franny’s, but her new endeavor arose after teaching and learning at the Asheville Yoga Festival.

She and her husband created a logo for her personal business, assumed at the time to include her teaching at Franny’s and the Leicester Community Center. But, as she was driving through Leicester Highway, she noticed an opening in a building she had already been dreaming about starting a business in. She made some calls, and after 21 days of painting and decorating, FulFlow was open for business.

The name came from the saying, “You cannot pour from an empty cup.” Burleson wants to fill the cups of her students with Joy, Power, Faith, Playfulness, and Mindfulness. Being raised in Leicester, bringing something that meant so much to her into her community means a lot. Her autistic 6-year-old son, who communicates through a communication board, called the studio “his quiet place,” the aesthetic Chasity was hoping to achieve. She offers classes throughout the week, but the course itself changes. These classes include Joyful, centered around energizing; Powerful, centered around strength building; Faithful, which includes scripture-based conversation and worship integration; Soulful, which is slow; and Mindful, which is meditative.

Burleson noted that “Yoga is a spiritual practice, but it is your spiritual practice. It’s very personal.” For Chasity, as a Christian, she described yoga as her “moving prayer.” Her classes are meant to help with breathing, stretching, strength building, and releasing stress. She said, “Yoga is bringing me home,” meaning that the way we were created is often not how we end up being. Everything is connected and yoga bridges that gap.

If you are interested in taking a class or finding more out about Chasity and Fulflow yoga, you can find her contact information on Facebook at FulFlow Yoga Studio. Her clientele has grown over the years, so much of her marketing is word of mouth. Twenty percent off discounts are also available for “helping professions,” such as teachers, nurses, etc.


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