Headlock On Hunger Expands As Students’ Need For Food Continues To Grow 

Staff Report

Buncombe County – Eblen Charities Headlock on Hunger program has taken to the mat once again this past week as the outreach has once again expanded to serve more students who are facing hunger at home in our community.

With more and more families reaching out for food this winter, Eblen Charities Headlock on Hunger is expanding its outreach with Buncombe County schools in providing food for their food closets.

This past week we received a call from Lauren Ward a counselor in the Reynolds School District telling us of finding their students and families in need of food in the food closets empty as the wonderful volunteers at Eblen were still going through and separating the food from our last two Headlock on Hunger wrestling tournaments, getting it ready for distribution to students for spring break.

But now with an increasing need and a new challenge before us, no time was wasted in growing  Headlock on Hunger’s mission in an expanded direction to help our students not only during extended breaks away from school but on a daily basis as well. And with more students facing hunger at home we believe that we had a tremendous opportunity before us and use the food we have collected to serve an even greater number students and begin by replenishing the  A C Reynolds High School, Bell Elementary, and Owen High School’s  food closets and providing food and Ingles gift cards to families in need

“This is a tremendous way for us to expand our outreach with our partners at Ingle‘s,  Arby’s, the Brumit Restaurant Group, Pepsi, JR’s Bar-B-Q, WLOS-TV, iHeart Radio, and our other partners with Headlock on Hunger, Hoops Against Hunger, Huddle Against Hunger and Heroes vs Hunger in providing food and meals beyond our original vision of doing so during the extended breaks of as spring, fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and summer. We all have a responsibility to make sure that students in our community have enough to eat at home throughout the year, not just a particular times,” states Bill Murdock, executive director of Eblen Charities.

“We are extremely grateful for our partnerships with Buncombe County Schools, Arby’s. Ingles, the Brumit Restaurant Group, Pepsi,  JR Bar-B-Q, and everyone who has joined us in our Heroes vs Hunger programs that include the Ingle/Eblen Food for Thought and the Arby’s/Eblen JoyFull Holidays at Home among other outreaches. When you are hungry and nothing else matters.”

.“AC Reynolds High School reached out to Eblen Charities recently as there was a significant need for food for some of our families. Eblen immediately provided us with multiple boxes ready to eat food. Our families will not go hungry thanks to their generosity.“ adds Lauren Ward of Buncombe County schools.

Led by WWE Hall of Famers National Chairman Jim Ross, Beth Copeland (Beth Phoenix), Heroes vs Hunger National Chairman Adam Copeland (Edge) and board members Gerald Brisco, Nikita Koloff, Dan Gable, and Lee Roy Smith Headlock on Hunger in has provided millions of meals in the past four years. For more information on how you can join Heroes versus Hunger, Headlock on Hunger, Hoops Against Hunger, and Huddle Against Hunger, please contact Bill Murdock at 828-242-2848, via email at, or visit,  


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