Keep your upholstery clean and beautiful with these 5 tips

Upholstered furniture adds beauty and comfort to our homes, but over time, they can accumulate dust and dirt, making them lose their appeal. Proper is essential to ensure that they remain presentable for a long time. In this article, we will provide you with valuable advice on how to clean upholstered furniture effectively, with a focus on topics such as basic cleaning, removing pet hair, tackling , and cleaning furniture cushions.

Basic cleaning of upholstered furniture

Regularly vacuuming your upholstered furniture is the first step in maintaining its cleanliness. Use the upholstery attachment of your vacuum cleaner to remove crumbs, dirt particles, and dust from the soft padding. A good vacuum cleaner can also eliminate potential mites and allergens. Pay extra attention to cracks and lift seat cushions to vacuum underneath. For velvet fabrics, be sure to vacuum in the direction of the material's grain. This cleaning routine should ideally be done once a week or as needed.

Removing pet hair from cushions and sofas

Pet hair on cushions and sofas can be quite bothersome. If vacuuming alone doesn't yield satisfactory results, try using a rubber brush to collect the hair. Afterward, wipe the affected areas with a damp cloth to absorb any odors.

Here's a useful tip: add a few drops of scented essential oil to warm water. Dampen a cloth in this mixture and gently wipe the upholstery. This will leave a pleasant fragrance. However, ensure that you only use natural oils and avoid using more than three drops.

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To effectively remove pet hair from cushions, follow these instructions:

  1. Thoroughly vacuum the cushions using the cushion attachment of your vacuum cleaner.
  2. Finish by wiping the cushions with a damp cloth.
  3. Remember to always vacuum or brush velvet in the direction of the fibers.

Removing stains from upholstery

Prior to treating your upholstered furniture with water or soap, it is crucial to perform a color or stain test. Different materials react differently to cleaning products, so it is essential to check for stain sensitivity beforehand. Remember, water can also leave stains, so a preliminary test is necessary. Choose an inconspicuous spot and rub it with a damp cloth, then let it dry completely. After 24 hours, try the same procedure with a mild soap. Rinse the area with a soap-free cloth to remove any residue.

It is important to note that upholstered furniture should always be allowed to dry naturally. Avoid using a hairdryer, as the heat can cause irreversible color changes.

Be cautious when using chemical stain removers as well. Perform a stain test before applying them to your cushions. If the color is removed, an unsightly stain will remain. This also applies to specialized stain removers for substances like wine or grease. To test for stains, use the backside of the cushions.

What to pay attention to when cleaning upholstery

When cleaning upholstered furniture, it is important to consider a few key factors:

  • Perform a color or stain test before using water, soap, or chemical stain removers.
  • Allow the furniture to dry naturally.
  • Be cautious with velvet fabrics and vacuum or brush them in the direction of the fibers.
  • Pay attention to cracks and crevices.
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Cleaning garden furniture cushions

To clean garden furniture cushions, most can be safely machine washed. Under normal use, the cushions two to three times a year should be sufficient. Treat stains on the padding in the same way as you would with upholstered furniture. It is important to remove stains as soon as possible, as dried stains may be more challenging to eliminate, depending on the substance.

The best way to prevent stains on garden furniture cushions is to be cautious when handling food and beverages. It is advisable not to allow children to eat or drink on the furniture. By minimizing the occurrence of stains, your cushions will remain beautiful for longer.

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