Law Enforcement Seeks Breaking & Entering Suspect Dubbed “Butt Crack Bandit”

By Chad Nesbitt

Erwin Hill – On April 25th at approximately 3:20 am the Overstock Outlet was broken into and robbed. In the morning, business owners Joey and Tammy Spicer found glass all over the sidewalk from the front door window been broken open.

Surveillance video shows a suspect busting the window open with a crowbar. The person brought a trash can in which he loaded several items from behind the counter where the cash register is located.

Tammy Spicer told the Leader, “He stole a Nintendo, some Trump knives, and Wi-Fi speakers worth over $300.”

The thief was wearing a black hoodie, black pants, and a white mask. Tammy Spicer said, “The funny thing is he couldn’t keep his pants up.”

Video surveillance shows the robber is white because their pants were pulled down exposing his rear end. He is now being called the “Butt Crack Bandit.”

The Leader obtained video surveillance from another business showing the vehicle leaving the scene of the crime. The vehicle turned left out of the parking lot onto New Leicester Highway and headed toward Asheville. The video is been edited for clarity and will be given to the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Department and posted online.

If you have any information about the robbery please contact the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Department at (828) 255-5050.


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