Leicester businessman in need of kidney

By Tim Reid

Leicester – Asheville businessman Brad Snelson is in a fight for his life. The 43-year-old owner of Leicester Flooring was diagnosed with kidney disease 10 years ago. Since then he watched his diet, stayed under a doctor’s care and was doing fine until one year ago when Snelson’s kidney function suddenly started deteriorating quickly.


“Brad has a great need for a kidney donor,” said Jamie Johnson of Crossfire Ministry. “We have been praying for a while that God would touch him. Brad is a stellar person in this community and a great friend of Crossfire (Christian) Ministry.”

Snelson is among an estimated 100,000 American waiting for a kidney transplant. He continues to own and operate the business that was started by his father, J.B. Snelson, 47 years ago and is active in various Christian endeavors.

“I pray, of course, knowing that God will answer my prayers in His time, in His way. I am at peace with that,” Brad said.

As a successful businessman, Snelson is accustomed to meeting problems head-on and doing his best to remedy them. Since learning of his own need, Snelson has taken on the cause of fostering organ donations for himself and others.

He sponsored an Organ Donor Awareness event at the flooring store recently, treating 175 participants to a dinner catered by Texas Roadhouse. A representative from LifeShare of the Carolinas was present to enable those who wanted to be listed as organ donors on their driver’s license.

“Brad is in a very difficult situation. His kidney is operating at about 18 percent,” said Randy Shepherd, also of Crossfire. “He has a wife. He has four beautiful children. And he really needs a kidney.”

Snelson is working with medical centers in Charlotte and Chapel Hill to find a suitable donor. People who donate a kidney can still live a full life thanks to the stringent medical safeguards built into the organ donor system. Prospective donors should be in good health and will be tested to assure a positive outcome for them and the kidney recipient.

Snelson’s friends and supporters, particularly those in the Christian community, are casting a wide net to find as many willing donors as possible since some will be found ineligible for health reasons. They emphasize that now is the time to step forward for this man.

“We love Brad Snelson, his family and his business because they stand for the right things,” Shepherd said.

How can I help?

Anyone wanting to find out more about donating a kidney for Brad Snelson can contact either hospital:

Carolina Medical Center in Charlotte: Call Yvonne Ellerbe at (704) 355-3602 or email

UNC Chapel Hill Health System: Call Amy Woodard at (984) 974-7568 or email

Call Brad Snelson at (828) 712-1969.


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