Local State Senator Announces Run For Lt. Governor Post

Terry Van Duyn Announces Run For Lieutenant Governor

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Raleigh, NC – Buncombe County State Senator Terry Van Duyn (D) has announced that she plans to run for Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina. The post is currently held by Lt. Governor Dan Forest (R) who has been there since 2013.

In a statement released to the media, Senator Van Duyn remarked, “Today, I’m announcing my candidacy for Lieutenant Governor, where I will work closely with Governor Cooper to advance our investment in public education, to increase access to affordable healthcare, and to fight for clean air and drinking water. It is time for Governor Cooper to have a strong partner and ally, and I am excited about the opportunity to continue our proven partnership.”

Senator Van Duyn continued, “Over the coming weeks and months, I’ll be traveling our state and talking with North Carolinians about my vision for a fairer North Carolina, where those who are willing to work hard and play by the rules have every opportunity to succeed.”

The release states that “Senator Van Duyn enters the race as the only currently elected official. As the Democratic Whip of the state senate, and largest fundraiser for the caucus’ efforts to break the Republican supermajority, the veteran legislator and prolific fundraiser has made her intentions clear. She will run and win in 2020.”

It is believed that Forest will most likely run for governor in 2020.


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