Million Dollar Asheville Firetruck In Accident

Nearly $100,000 in damages

By Chad Nesbitt

Asheville – On Thursday, January 17th, Asheville’s most expensive firetruck was in an accident. The vehicle, called a Tractor Drawn Aerial (TDA), costs the taxpayers $1.255 million. The accident occurred in the Asheville Mall parking lot.

Asheville Fire Department spokesperson Kelley Klope said, “While driving the Tractor Drawn Aerial in an open parking lot, the front corner of the driver side trailer came in contact with the driver’s side locker compartment on the tractor creating a jackknife accident.” Klope said the damage to the truck was, “$90,727.00”.

TDA’s are approximately 65 feet long and requires 3 firefighters to operate. The truck has steering on both ends of the truck. says the pros to a TDA are, They are suitable for “Older, narrow streets; Maze-like apartment complexes and office campuses; and Single-family dwelling subdivisions (where every street seems to end in a cul-de-sac).”

The cons to a TDA are the need for a third firefighter to operate the tiller and is considered a negative factor by those departments facing staffing shortages. FireRescue also says it takes longer for the third firefighter to get “their safety protection on.”

Photo courtesy of Asheville Fire Department Facebook

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  1. Incompetence, lack of experience, lack of training, or all three? What did the spokesperson have to say about the reason for this “accident”? It would seem that the company who sells these million dollar firetrucks would offer basic training in the safe operation of this firetruck. Was this done? How many hours of training? The taxpayers want answers to these questions. One more – How did this happen in an “open parking lot”, and since this expensive “accident” happened in a parking lot, how the heck will they ever be expected to maneuver this truck in a constricted area like a narrow street or cul-de-sac? Million dollar questions need answering.

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