More than we bargained for

By Clint Parker

Leicester – When the Leader published this picture last week asking for help in identifying those in the image and offering a free subscription to the paper for the help, we never imagined we’d get the response that resulted from that request.

Not only did we get several emailed replies, but we also had one of the people who was pictured in the photo come into the office and confirm the responses we received. He also gave us an update on the other individuals in the photograph.

Ronnie Sluder, of Leicester, was one of those pictured in the photo and he gave us the most up-to-date information he had about the others in the picture. So in the front row (left to right) is pictured J.D. Sluder, a cousin of Ronnie’s who is deceased, then there’s Roger Smith, who is currently living in Leicester. Next is Ronnie himself, after him is Joe Cassada who lives in Waynesville and Carol Miller, a resident of Winston-Salem, said, Ronnie.
In the second row (left to right) is Bobby Freeman and Evertte [sic from picture caption] Ponder both living in Leicester, followed by the coach of the team Conley Rogers who has also passed. Jackie Teague (many may know went on to teach at Erwin along with his wife, now lives in Weaverville and finally Roy Worley who fought in Vietnam and died in a car crash in Georgia.

We certainly enjoyed readers’ participation in our quest to identify these people. So be sure to look for future pictures where we may ask for help.


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