NC Ranks At The Top Of Cutting The Cable Connection Says Survey

Staff Report
North Carolina – Netflix spent $13 billion on content last year, Amazon spent $5 billion, and Hulu gave subscribers access to $30 billion of content. As for traditional cable, well, ESPN still comes with most standard packages.
As industry analysts forecast another merciless year of cord cutting—the act of canceling cable TV in favor of streaming services and web content— a recent Waterstone survey of 5,000 Americans indicates that cord cutting is well underway.
Survey results indicate that nationwide 59 percent have cut the cord and another 29 percent are thinking about it. As part of the survey, they also looked at state-level data, to see which parts of America are most aligned with the cord-cutting trend. So where does North Carolina rank?
According to Waterstone’s survey, the state made it into the top ten states where people are cutting the cord, at the number 10 position. According to the survey, 66% have cut the cord in favor of other alternatives. Who made it to the top of the list? Idaho at 72% and at the bottom of the list was New Jersey at 36%.
Waterstone Management Group, founded in 2003, is a boutique management consulting firm that focuses exclusively on helping technology companies and investors succeed. Learn more about the survey here.

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