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North Carolina – President Donald Trump addressed the nation to make his case for the partial government shut down in order to secure funding for a “border wall” Tuesday night. Two sources from North Carolina, from opposite sides of the issue, responded to the speech. Here’s what they had to say:

In support of the President

U.S. Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) issued the following statement on President Trump’s address to the nation regarding border security:

“For decades, both parties have promised the American people they would secure our nation’s borders, promises that have gone unfulfilled. With the government partially shut down and the stakes high, if Congress can’t reach a commonsense compromise on border security and immigration now, it’s sending a message to the American people that it never can.

“President Trump has made clear that he will not sign a funding bill that contains inadequate border security funding. He’s called on both parties to work together in good faith and that’s what I’m committed to doing. We must be willing to compromise to end the gridlock and produce a positive outcome for the country. If both sides cast aside the most extreme voices on the far-left and far-right, I believe a solution is well within reach to re-open our government, secure our borders, and make badly-needed reforms to our nation’s broken immigration system.”

In opposition to the President

From the NC Justice Center:

“President Trump’s speech…sought to further hold our nation hostage over the building of a useless, massively expensive, and politically fabricated border wall – one that few want, security experts agree wastes our time and resources, and further divides our country before construction even begins. The government shutdown over this immoral and irrational political stunt has now led to hundreds of thousands of federal employees missing paychecks and halted vital services, affecting families and children across the United States.

“The only crisis at the border is the one that was caused by the Trump administration’s cruel policies towards children and families—policies that actually jeopardize, rather than enhance, our security. Any crisis here was politically manufactured by the President.

“It is further unacceptable to negotiate new immigration policies while the government is shut down. Calling for “compromise” creates a false equivalency between thoughtful discourse over reasonable, pragmatic policy options and the demands of a chaotic White House administration using a ransom note to dictate the way forward.

“There is no ransom here to be paid; no bargaining to be done. Holding the nation, innocent federal employees, and lawmakers hostage in the name of a divisive, archaic border wall is harmful not only to our democracy, but in concrete ways, to millions of families and local economies across the nation. We are better than that as a people.

“The vast majority of Americans oppose the wall and want the government reopened immediately. The Justice Center urges our North Carolina lawmakers to support bipartisan government funding bills that will end this reckless shutdown.”

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