Prince Harry’s Allegations of a Secret Deal Between the Royal Family and Murdoch’s Sun Dismissed as “Alice in Wonderland Stuff”

Prince Harry’s Shocking Allegations: Secret Deal Between the Royal Family and the Sun Exposed!

Prepare to be astonished as Prince Harry unveils a scandalous secret that has sent shockwaves through the British media landscape. The Duke of Sussex is making bold claims of a clandestine agreement between the royal family and one of media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s companies, the Sun, involving phone hacking. The newspaper group is dismissing Harry’s allegations as “Alice in Wonderland stuff.” Read on to uncover the astonishing details!

The Explosive Allegations

Prince Harry is taking the publisher of the Sun to trial, alleging that journalists from the notorious tabloid hacked his voicemails and targeted him illegally using private investigators for decades. However, Murdoch’s company is vehemently trying to block the case on technical grounds, arguing that Harry filed his legal paperwork too late.

In a stunning twist, Harry claims that a secret agreement was reached between the royal family and the Sun and the News of the World, preventing them from suing over phone hacking. As part of this alleged arrangement, royal family members were promised apologies and monetary compensation at a later date in exchange for avoiding court battles.

The Denial and the Court Battle

Murdoch’s lawyers are vehemently contesting Harry’s case, labeling it as “fundamentally flawed” and dismissing the claims of a secret deal as something out of a Lewis Carroll book. David Sherborne, Harry’s barrister, argued in court that the existence of this secret deal caused delays in the case, implicating senior figures like Rebekah Brooks, former editor of the Sun and current chief executive of Murdoch’s British media business.

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Harry’s barrister also raised questions about Prince William’s involvement, suggesting that the heir to the throne was aware of the agreement when he accepted a substantial sum of money from Murdoch’s company in 2020 for his own phone-hacking claim. This, according to Sherborne, provides further evidence of the existence of the deal that also impacted Prince Harry. The court had previously heard that Queen Elizabeth was aware of the deal when Harry sought an apology from Murdoch’s company in 2017.

The Intense Legal Battles

Prince Harry, fresh off his seven-week phone-hacking trial against Mirror Group Newspapers, hopes to proceed to trial against the Sun in January. This is part of his ongoing legal battles with the British media, which could potentially involve another phone-hacking trial against the publisher of the Daily Mail.

Although Harry claims to have learned about the supposed agreement between Murdoch’s company and the royal family around 2012, the details remain vague. No written copy of the agreement has been presented in court. Anthony Hudson, barrister for News Group Newspapers, representing the Sun, argues that Harry lacks key information and that his case is legally and factually flawed.

The Media’s Defensive Strategy

News Group Newspapers, the publisher of the Sun, finds itself in an unusual position. While denying any illegal activity by the Sun, they are simultaneously arguing that Prince Harry should have suspected illegal activity at the Sun earlier, using procedural tactics to question the timing of his legal filing. This strategy has yielded some success, as fellow claimant Hugh Grant was blocked from pursuing a phone-hacking claim against the Sun on the basis of filing too late, although he can still sue over alleged illegal activity by private investigators.

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It’s worth noting that News Group Newspapers has consistently maintained that phone hacking only occurred at the now-defunct News of the World. Nevertheless, the company has made substantial payouts in recent years to individuals who claim their voicemails were intercepted by the Sun, without accepting liability.

Upcoming Verdicts

The legal battles regarding Prince Harry’s phone-hacking claims against UK newspaper groups are reaching critical stages:

  • Mirror Group Newspapers: Trial concluded on Friday, with judgment expected in the autumn after Harry’s testimony in early June.
  • News Group Newspapers, publisher of the Sun: The outcome of Wednesday’s hearing will determine whether Harry can proceed to trial in January. The ruling is expected in the coming weeks.
  • Associated Newspapers, publisher of the Daily Mail: Awaiting the outcome of a hearing that took place in March. A ruling is expected in the coming weeks on whether Harry can take the case to trial sometime in 2024.

Stay tuned for more shocking revelations as Prince Harry continues his battle against the British media!

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