Rockets rock Warriors with season’s first loss

Friday night when a sluggish offense and perforated defense gave plenty of room for AC Reynolds to score 56 points, more than doubling Erwin’s 26 points.

An inauspicious start saw AC Reynolds win the coin toss, calling tails and opting to receive the ball first. Friday’s match began at a snail’s pace, nearly ten minutes expiring from the game clock before the first touchdown, scored by AC Reynolds’ I’dre Bell.

A successful Reynolds field goal added a point to their score, now 0-7 in favor of Reynolds, with fewer than four minutes left to play in the first quarter. Thirty seconds later, Erwin’s Kendrick Weaver (2), threw a 52-yard missile, caught and scored by star cornerback Simeon Thompson (3).

An incomplete pass, Kendrick’s first of several in Friday’s game, dashed hopes for a two-point conversion, the first quarter’s score reading 6-7 in favor of AC Reynolds.

AC Reynolds pushed their lead immediately once play resumed, with the visiting team scoring fewer than ten seconds into the second quarter of play. A successful kick saw possession turn over to the Leicester team, the score reading 6-14 in Reynolds’ favor.

Erwin High continued the evening’s trend of sloppy offense with Weaver throwing at least three more incomplete passes in the second quarter, leaving the home team scrambling to find points elsewhere.

With five and a half minutes left to play in the first half, AC Reynolds scored yet again, with a successful kick, giving them an additional seven points. The score read 6-21 in favor of Reynolds.

Three minutes later, Erwin High’s Thompson caught both a tremendous pass from quarterback Weaver and a two-point conversion pass, the score now reading 14-21 in favor of AC Reynolds.

With fewer than two minutes left in the first half of play, AC Reynolds scored yet another touchdown and kick, the score now 14-28.

Immediately upon Erwin’s possession the Warriors turned it over with Erwin quarterback Weaver throwing his first interception of the game, giving Reynolds the ball and time enough to score an additional touchdown and extra point, the score now 35-14 in favor of AC Reynolds.

The second half of play commenced with Erwin’s Thompson returning an AC Reynolds punt, carrying it to the Reynolds 42-yard line.

A continued impotent offense and uneven defense provided room for AC Reynolds to score another successful touchdown and kick in the third quarter, the score reading 42-14 in favor of the visiting Rockets.

Erwin’s second offensive drive in the game’s third quarter saw Weaver fumble the ball on second down and throw an incomplete pass on the third down.

With possession turning back over to AC Reynolds, no offensive progress made, Erwin fans began departing the stadium early.

In a solid defensive play by Erwin, a tipped ball turned possession over immediately to the Leicester team. Further good fortune saw a pass interference penalty called on AC Reynolds, awarding the Warriors a free first down.

This culminated in an Erwin touchdown, but an unsuccessful two-point conversion, with the score reading 42-20 in favor of the visiting team. On Reynolds’ possession, the Rockets scored on their first offensive drive, a successful kick solidifying their lead over Erwin 49-20.

When play resumed for the game’s final quarter, many more Erwin fans were seen departing the stadium early. Erwin’s offense was again unreliable, Weaver fumbling the ball on one play and receiving an overly-ambitious snap, the ball landing in the Erwin end zone.

Finally, Erwin’s offense connected, resulting in a touchdown for six points. An incomplete two-point conversion left the score at 49-26 in favor of Reynolds.

Reynolds was again quick to score, a successful kick increasing their lead to 56-26.

Erwin’s Don Mosley, a junior running back, made a huge running play and gifted a first down to the home team. Another massive play by Mosley (6) gave Erwin yet another first down. Erwin High tailback Keavon Carson (16) scored a final, desperate first down for the home team.

Unfortunately, last-ditch heroics weren’t enough to keep Erwin fans in the seats, with nearly two thirds of them empty by the last minute of the game. The last whistle blew with 40 seconds left in the game, the final score reading 56-26 in favor of AC Reynolds.

Erwin High’s next football game is an away game versus Asheville on Friday, September 14.


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