Say goodbye to woodworm-infested furniture with these 3 effective tips

Are you dealing with unsightly woodworms in your wooden furniture? Don't worry, we have three that will help you banish these unwanted guests from your home. Woodworms, also known as common furniture beetles, can cause significant damage to wooden structures. It's important to be on the lookout for signs such as holes in the wood, wood dust, and noises coming from the wood. To minimize the damage caused by woodworms, follow these tips!

Get rid of woodworms through appropriate indoor climate

The troublesome woodworms thrive in cool and humid conditions, but moderation is key. They are often found in unused cellars or attics. One effective tip is to place infested furniture in a room with central heating. It's essential to keep the wood dry and warm, so avoid wiping the furniture with a damp cloth. The larvae will naturally die in these conditions. If the infested object is small, it can also be placed in an oven at 50 degrees Celsius for an hour. However, please note that this may damage the wood. Alternatively, you can use the freezer method. The icy cold temperature is equally effective against woodworms.

Get rid of woodworms with acorns

While it may seem unusual, using acorns is a brilliant trick to lure woodworms away. The common furniture beetle has a particular fondness for acorns. If you have acorns available and want to avoid harming the woodworms, simply place them around the infested object. Wait for the worm to take the bait, as they will be attracted by the scent of the acorns. You'll know they've migrated towards the acorns when small holes appear. Once this happens, remove the acorns and set up the next trap. Repeat this process until the acorns show no more holes, indicating that all the woodworms have moved away.

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Get rid of woodworms with home remedies

Parasites dislike strong odors, which is why certain can be effective in killing woodworm larvae. Products like alcohol, essence, and ammonia are useful for this purpose. However, it's important to take precautions when using these remedies, as they can be harmful to both the woodworms and people exposed to the strong odors. Wear protective clothing and ensure proper ventilation during treatment. It's even better to carry out the treatment outdoors. Test the remedy on a small area of the wood to ensure it can withstand the treatment. In mild infestations, rubbing the wood with a cut onion may be sufficient.

In severe infestations, it may be necessary to seek help from specialists. This is especially true when certain parts of the building are affected. Woodworms in the attic, for example, can cause dangerous damage and require thorough treatment. In such cases, methods like microwaves or gas can be used.

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