Shocking Crime: Italian Sons Hide Father’s Body to Pocket His Pension!

Prepare to be stunned by this outrageous tale of deceit and greed. In a jaw-dropping case from Italy, it has been uncovered that three sons and the girlfriend of one of the men allegedly concealed their father’s deceased body to fraudulently collect his €3,000-a-month pension. The shocking discovery of Bruno Delnegro’s remains in a remote cave last year has sent shockwaves through the nation.

A Sinister Plot Unveiled

The lifeless body of 81-year-old Bruno Delnegro, who passed away from natural causes, was stumbled upon by Canadian hikers in July. The grisly find occurred over 215 miles (350km) away from Delnegro’s residence in Trani, located in the southern Puglia region.

According to Italian media reports, Delnegro is believed to have died a few days prior to the discovery. Instead of reporting his death, his sons Benito, Domenico, Salvatore, and one of the sons’ girlfriends allegedly wrapped the body in a sleeping bag and transported it across two regional borders to the remote hamlet of Castrovalva in Abruzzo. Their devious plan was to abandon the body there while they fraudulently claimed their father’s substantial pension.

Uncovering the Truth

Initially, the deceased’s identity remained a mystery, leading authorities to bury him in an unmarked grave labeled “subject unknown” in April. However, a breakthrough came when an autopsy revealed a femoral prosthesis implant, providing investigators with the vital clue they needed.

With Delnegro’s identity finally known, law enforcement focused their attention on his sons after surveillance cameras captured a vehicle belonging to one of them, suspected to have been used to transport the body, in the vicinity of Castrovalva around the time of their father’s death.

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A Chilling Pattern of Deception

While this macabre case shocks the senses, it is not an isolated incident in Italy. In May of this year, it came to light that a man in Verona had kept his mother’s corpse at home for a staggering five years, all while fraudulently collecting her pension. Similarly, in a town in Puglia, another son managed to hide his father’s remains for an astonishing 10 years.

Last week in California, another shocking revelation emerged as a man pleaded guilty to concealing his mother’s death for an astonishing three decades, allowing him to illicitly amass over $800,000 in benefits intended for her.

The lengths some individuals will go to for personal gain are truly astounding. Stay tuned for more updates on this gripping story!

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