Shocking! Your Remote Control Could Be a Breeding Ground for Germs

We come into contact with it every day, yet it is often overlooked when it comes to : the remote control. In this article, we will guide you through the process of effectively cleaning your remote control to eliminate dirt and bacteria. From the buttons to the casing, we'll show you how to ensure that this commonly used device is free from grime and germs.

Why Cleaning Your Remote Control is Important

With our sometimes greasy and unwashed hands, we grab the remote control without giving much thought to the dirt and bacteria that have accumulated on its surface. As a result, when we snack on a handful of chips afterwards, we inadvertently consume the dirt that has made its way into our stomachs. It's not a particularly pleasant thought. The remote control is one of those frequently used objects that unknowingly becomes a breeding ground for germs. That is why regular cleaning is crucial. In this handy guide, we will explain how often you should clean your remote control and provide on how to effectively remove dirt from even the hard-to-reach areas.

How Often Should You Clean Your Remote Control

The frequency of cleaning your remote control depends on how often you use it. However, it is recommended to clean the outer casing at least once a week, as dust and dirt easily accumulate when the remote control is left lying around. If you notice that your remote control is not functioning properly, it is also recommended to clean the internal components. In many cases, dirt and crumbs can find their way inside the remote control, leading to malfunctions or dysfunction.

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Cleaning the Casing of the Remote Control

Before starting to clean the casing, remove the batteries from the remote control. To remove the dust that accumulates between the buttons, you can use a clean toothbrush. Once the coarse dirt is removed, create a mixture of equal parts water and . Moisten a cloth with this mixture and wipe it over the casing of the remote control. If there are small grooves or spaces, such as those between the buttons, that cannot be cleaned with a cloth, use a cotton swab to assist in removing the dirt. Next, take a clean, lint-free cloth and wipe the remote control again with clear water to remove any remaining dirt. Ensure that the cloth is damp, rather than wet, to avoid damage to the device from excess liquid. Allow the remote control to thoroughly dry before putting it back into service.

Cleaning the Inside of the Remote Control

The same precaution applies to cleaning the inside of the remote control: the batteries must be removed first. Disassemble the device by unscrewing any necessary screws in order to access the internal components. Once the rubber plate with the buttons is exposed, clean it under running water with a small amount of soap. Gently rub the circuit board with a microfiber cloth and isopropyl alcohol to remove any dirt. Apply light pressure to remove larger dirt particles from the printed circuit board. Before reassembling the remote control, ensure that both the rubber and circuit board are completely dry.

Cleaning the Battery Compartment

To clean the battery compartment, use a cloth and cotton swab to remove any dust. If you discover that the battery has leaked and battery acid has spread inside the compartment, take extra precautions. Place old newspaper under the remote control, put on gloves, and remove the batteries from the compartment. The crumbled acid can easily be disposed of on the newspaper afterwards. Use a toothbrush to brush away any larger dirt particles from the battery compartment and then wipe it clean with a damp cloth. If desired, the contacts can be cleaned separately using a cotton swab dipped in vinegar.

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By regularly cleaning your remote control, you can ensure that it remains free from dirt and bacteria. Follow these simple steps to maintain a hygienic and fully functional device. Say goodbye to the hidden grime that accumulates on your remote control and enjoy a cleaner and healthier remote control experience.

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