Stolen vehicle crashed


By Chad Nesbitt

Sandy Mush – On Sunday, February 3, a 2003 Chevy Silverado was reported stolen from a home in the Sandy Mush area of Leicester. The owner of the vehicle is Amy Turner. Turner said, “My mother and I had been at the hospital in Haywood County and my husband had taken his mama to Hickory.” Turner said, “When I got home I got a call from Buncombe County dispatcher that said my husband had reported the truck stolen. Then my father-in-law called and said that he had called Scott (Amy Turner’s husband), and said somebody pulled out of our driveway like a bat out of hell with my truck.”

Amy Turner explained she called her daughter to tell her that her truck had been stolen. Amy Turner said, “When I told her she said Mamma I just passed your truck on Worley Cove and I took out. I know that may have been stupid but I thought I could be able to corner him in but when I got up there that’s when I seen it. It had already been wrecked.” Turner explained nobody was in the vehicle but that two people there had called the Sheriff’s Department. Amy Turner said, “They said they seen somebody get out, (of the truck), but that’s all they said.”

The NC Highway Patrol and the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Department were both at the scene. No one has been taken into custody as of the time of this report. If you have any information as to who stole the truck please contact the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Department.


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