Storm Dumps Snow Of Varying Amounts Across Area

Any Where From 3 To 18 Inches Reported To The Newspaper

By Clint Parker

North Buncombe – Not the storm of 1993 yet, the event billed as a snowmageddon has not lived up to the hype. The area has received varying amounts of snow and some are without power due to the heavy, wet, cold, white snow, but as of yet no where close to the 20 plus inches first forecast for the area.

Reports are that nearly 20,000 Buncombe County residents are without power as electrical crews work diligently to restore life-saving power to residents. In Madison County the number without power is nearly 7,000. Take Buncombe, Madison and the surrounding counties and put them all together and the number is close to 70,000 who are powerless. Buncombe County remains under a declaration of emergency declared by the Buncombe County commissioners and includes the towns of Woodfin and Weaverville.

Area residents without municipal water and who have wells not only are without power, but water too, unless they have a back up generator to power their water pumps.

Reports of snowfall totals, so far, vary and here’s what’s been reported to the paper this Sunday morning:
Mars Hill – 6”, 
Reems Creek – 4”
, Candler – 8 – 10”+
, Haw Creek – 6”, 
Leicester – 7.5”, 
Pensacola – 3.5”, 
Walnut – 6”, 
Flat Creek – 5”, 
Mills River – 12”, 
Dix Creek – 12”, 
Fairview – 8”+,
 Woodfin – 5”, 
Canton – 10”
, Hooker’s Gap 18”


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