Shocking Tragedy: French Rail Operator SNCF Slapped with Fine After Train Fatally Strikes Cat on Tracks!

Shocking Tragedy French Rail Operator Sncf Slapped With Fine After Train Fatally Strikes Cat On Tracks

A heart-wrenching incident has led to legal repercussions for the national rail operator in France. A French court has found SNCF guilty of negligence after one of its trains tragically ran over a cat hiding on the tracks. The feline, named Neko, met its untimely demise in January at Paris’s Montparnasse station, sparking widespread outrage … Read more

France Riots: Mayor Describes Living in Hell Amidst Chaos

France Riots Mayor Describes Living In Hell Amidst Chaos

The recent riots in France have plunged the nation into chaos, leaving its citizens terrified and seeking answers. Zartoshte Bakhtiari, the mayor of Neuilly-sur-Marne, a poverty-stricken area east of Paris, opens up about the nightmarish situation that has kept him awake for days. By day, he fulfills his duties as a mayor, but when darkness … Read more