Top Tips for Cooling Down Your Attic and Surviving the Heatwave

As the temperatures rise and the sun beats down, the residents of the attic find themselves in a less-than-desirable situation. The attic, often compared to a Finnish sauna, becomes unbearably hot during the months. But fear not, there are ways to keep cool and survive the heatwave. In this article, we will provide you with the finest advice and for cooling down your attic and making it a more livable space.

Creating a draft

One of the oldest in the book for cooling down any space is to create a draft. By opening windows on opposite sides of the attic, you can allow for a refreshing breeze to flow through. This creates a temperature difference and makes the room slightly cooler. It is best to do this at night or in the morning when the outdoor air is cooler. However, be mindful not to leave the windows open all day, as this can actually increase the heat inside the room. The warm outdoor air will enter the attic more rapidly, leading to heat accumulation. Instead, open the windows at night and periodically air out the space during the day, using opposite windows for better airflow.

Using towels for cooling

Hanging damp towels or sheets in the attic can also help cool down the space. The moisture from the towels lowers the room temperature, providing some relief without the need for air conditioning. If you have a fan, this method works even better. The cool air from the fan will be distributed more evenly throughout the attic, further cooling the temperature. Give it a try and feel the difference.

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Turning off electrical appliances

To prevent the temperature in the attic from rising further, it is important to turn off any unnecessary electronic devices. This is especially true for entertainment media such as televisions or gaming consoles, as they emit heat when in use. Even dishwashers can generate additional heat. By reducing the number of appliances emitting heat into the surrounding air, you can help keep the attic cooler.

Preventing overheating

While the previous tips are helpful for cooling down an already hot attic, it is also important to take steps to prevent overheating in the first place. Here are some tricks to keep the heat from entering the attic:

Installing roller shutters

If your attic doesn't already have them, consider installing roller shutters. These can be lowered when you leave the attic or during the day when the sun is shining intensely. By doing so, you prevent the attic from heating up and maintain a pleasant coolness inside. Additionally, consider using curtains or interior blinds with a sun-reflective coating. This will help prevent the accumulation of heat.

Applying a sun protection film

If you have slanted windows in your attic, applying a sun protection film can be a great solution. This film can be purchased at a hardware store and is recommended by the Consumer Center of Paris. However, be aware that it may darken the room. It can be used as a temporary solution for the hot months and removed later on.

Removing rugs

In preparation for the hot summer months, it is best to remove thick rugs from your attic apartment. Instead, opt for lighter rugs made of linen or natural fibers. Alternatively, you can have bare floors, which can make the space feel a few degrees cooler.

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Finally, on extremely hot days, it is advisable to switch to lighter meals such as salads and fruits. Avoiding heavy dishes is not only beneficial for your stomach but also for the overall temperature of the attic. Ovens naturally generate a substantial amount of heat when baking, so if you must use the oven, try to do so during the cooler hours of the morning or evening.

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