Video Report: Woman Allegedly Stole From Donation Jar

By Chad Nesbitt

Newfound – On Tuesday, February 27th at approximately 5 pm a woman allegedly stole money from a donation jar at the Newfound Grocery on Newfound Road in Leicester.

The store clerk did not want to give her name but did speak with us on camera. The clerk said a woman came to the counter and asked for cigarettes. As she turned to get her cigarettes the woman allegedly picked up the donation jar and started “shaking the money on the floor.”

When the clerk realized what she was doing she told the woman, “You need to get out of my store.” According to the surveillance video, the woman allegedly tried to take the money off of the counter and more money that was left from her shaking the jar on the floor. She then ran out to the parking lot and got in a silver or gold car. The car is thought to be a Buick Century.

The woman is described to be tall and slim, approximately 25 to 35 years of age, and has long black hair. She has been reportedly seen at several locations in the Leicester area. If you recognize this person, please contact the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Department or the Newfound Grocery Store.


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