Warriors fail to out joust Knights in third loss of season

By Clint Parker

EHS – Still looking for that first win of the season, the Erwin Warriors would fall to the Robbinsville Black Knights in tremendous fashion as the Knights dominated the Warriors in their third loss of the season, 21-54.
Robbinsville got the ball first and wasted no time in making a touch down on their first play after the kick-off. Knight’s running-back Lex Hooper ran 65 yards for a touchdown and a point after (PAT) at made the score 0-7 Knights. Erwin went three and out on their first possession and punted the ball to the 37 of the Knights. The Knights would also have to give the ball back. It was back in forth until Robbinsville scored again on a pass to a wide-open receiver who would run it in for another touchdown and another PAT gave Robbinsville a 0-14 lead with 2:45 on the clock in the first quarter.

Finally, at the 10:03 mark in the second quarter, Erwin got on the board with a pass from Jared Penland to Mikey Gettmen who ran it into the end zone. With a good PAT Erwin was just a touch down away from tying the Knights. At times the Erwin defense looked solid in the first half, but at other times you could run a Mack truck through it like when the ball was run back 77 yards on a kick-off by the Knights. Robbinsville became greedy and tried for a two-point conversion, coming up short and leaving the score at 7-20 at the 9:50 mark in the second quarter.

Erwin would answer back about a minute later on the next drive. First, the Warriors returned the kick-off from their 13 to their 48. Five plays later a pass to Tristen Brank from Penland was run in for another six and the point after made it 20-14 Knights.

Robbinsville would work their way downfield on their next possession which took 11 plays for them to get the ball back in the end zone with 4:16 left in the first half. Again a try for two by the Knights would be unsuccessful and would keep the score 14-26. Erwin responded on their next possession on a seven-play drive starting at their 13-yard line and culminating with another Penland pass to Brank with a good PAT the score was within five, 21-26 Erwin trailing.

However, the Knight scored another touchdown before the half, but no extra points providing Robbinsville a 21-32 lead. Erwin had second left in the half and a long pass, if completed would have offered Erwin a fighting chance at more points before halftime. Yet, it was not to be. It was one of three good chances Erwin had during the game to score, but fail.
In fact, after halftime, the Warriors, who received the ball first, fought their way close to the red zone but ended up fumbling the ball. It was the Knight’s “after halftime show” the rest of the game with Erwin unable to add any more points to their score and the Knights racking up the points as they ran the ball over and over, in a ground assault Erwin was powerless to stop.

When the smoke cleared the stats reflected a Knights team that was able to rush for 383 yards to the Warriors 35 yards. Return yards was another category where the Knights overwhelmed 183-72. Erwin was able to dominate in the air with 350 yards to Robbinsville’s 115 yards. Time of possession was also in favor of the Knights who had the ball nearly 31 minutes to the Warriors’ 17.

The 0-3 Warriors will meet the 1-2 Rockets at Reynolds next week.


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