Warriors rout Rams in court action


By Benjamin Cohn

Leicester – Erwin Warriors, boys and girls teams, beat out T.C. Roberson in both of their varsity home games last week. The Lady Warriors played first and played spectacularly, scoring nearly twice as many points as they let in, the final score 57-33 Erwin.

That win continued the girls’ varsity smoking-hot win streak, improving their record to 13-0 overall and 5-0. Erwin girls are now ranked (295th to be exact) in the top 300 teams in the country, the top ten (9th) in the state and the top two in their class, according to high school sports aggregate

“We are pleased with our early success, but not satisfied. There is still room for improvement, and, for me, that is the most exciting part. We are blessed with outstanding senior leadership,” said Coach Matt Carpenter when asked about the team’s success so far.

“The girls show up every day with a Warrior mentality and are eager to push themselves to be better. Our conference has become more competitive which makes each game night just as important as the last,” Carpenter said. “There are several teams that are playing at an extremely high level, and all are chasing a conference championship.”

Erwin boys performed well on Wednesday night as well, beating out T.C. Roberson with a final score of 58-36. Friday night’s first period was contested vigorously, with the Rams putting up an impressive defense. Star Warriors like Rashod Chaffin and Simeon Thompson had to exert near-superhuman effort to even get a shot on goal.

Despite the tough defense, Erwin managed to claim 14 points, letting in a disappointing 17 points. Erwin’s boys tightened up their play in Wednesday night’s second period, scoring 11 and letting in only eight. At half time the score was tied at 25.

Warrior defense came to life in the second half of Wednesday’s conference match, letting in only five points. Erwin offense took advantage of a stunned Ram defense by scoring 20 points in the third period.

The fourth period unfolded similarly to the previous one. Erwin let in only six points while scoring 13 of their own. The final score read 58-36 in favor of the hosting Warriors.

That win improved the boys’ record to six and five.


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